Cross Compliance


Full files covering livestock manure production, slurry storage capabilities and compliance, manure N and artificial N inputs, N farm limit, and land assessment to dertermine areas suitable and unsuitable for spreading of nutrients.

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Specialist agronomic information from fertiliser and pesticide selection and application.

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Cross Compliance Management.
Getting to grips with it

What it's all about
Chris the NVZ Man has been managing farmers nutrient planning and record keeping for over 4 years. Currently finishing his last year at Harper Adams, he now walks in excess of 3000 acres of land across the South Yorkshire and Derbyshire regions.

Clients range from small equestrian centres with a few sheep right up to hundreds of acres covering lowland to moorland areas.

The product is tailored to the individual's needs on an individual basis, there are no two files the same. Record keeping is designed to make the day to day records as simple as they can be, with the NVZ recording system and integration with nutrient planning system.



Key NVZ Dates
As set by the EA

1 January 2010

Farms in new and existing NVZs must have comlpeted risk maps.
Most rules come into force for new NVZs: Farmers need to start keeping records of number of livestock on farm and applications of N to fields.

30 April 2010

Records relating to livestock kept on farm and amount of N produced must be comlpeted by those in existing NVZs.
Farmers in new NVZs must have calculated and recorded manure storage requirements.

30 April 2011

Farmers in new NVZs must have completed records relating to livestock kept and amount of N produced.

1 January 2012

Latest date for compliance with: Minimum manure storage capacity requirements; closed periods for high-N organic manures; and prohibitation of high-trajectory slurry spreading equipment.
N max limit for grass falls to 300kg N/ha and N efficiency figures for livestock manures increase.